Fondant Cake Decorating molds for sale

400 + Australian made Fondant Molds & still counting : We offer a wide variety of leaf & petal veiners, laces, flowers, trims, cup cake toppers, etc. Custom Molds : Can be made from almost any original supplied, we can also enlarge molds without any loss of quality or detail. Quality : We do not approve of bubbles on the decorative surface of our molds, so we make our molds “bubble free” and that’s our guarantee.  Please note :  We do not  Package molds as individual sets, ready for retail display. Ask you to buy minimum quantities of a design. Require minimum $ value orders Charge GST (legitimately I add) We do ask : All opening accounts be paid with order & subsequent accounts within 30 days of the invoice date. Suggestion :  Check our what’s new page now n then, for new & up coming  prodcuts Thanks  for taking the time to read our little epistle your questions are  welcome    

Fondant Mold Categories