“Up the Pole”. 330mm H, 180mm W.

“Up the Pole” 345mm H x 185mm W

“Le Ballet” 160mm H, 195mmW

“Le Ballet” 170mm W, 185mm H

“Fast, faster, fastest” 160 H x 230mm

“Fast, faster, fastest” 170 H x 245mm

“Blue Suede Shoes” 150 H x 230mm

“Meet ‘n Greet” 150mm H 230mm W

“Six O’clock Rock” 150 H x 230mm

“Alone Again” 130mm H x 120mm W

“Here’s to you” 140 mm H, 210mm W

“Here’s to you” 150mm x 220mm W

“Higher Daddy” 150mm x 180mm W

“Higher Daddy” 165mm x 175mm H

“The Fabulous Gordinis, Act II” 180mm x 180 mm

“The Fabulous Gordinis, Act I” 240mmH x 140mmW

“Takes Two to Tango” 150mm H x 155mmW

“We Have Lift off” 175mm H x 195

‘The Dolly Sisters.’ 250mm W x 150 H

“One, Two, Threee” 160mm H x 260

“Are you OK ? 240 x 220 mm